BATE Borisov vs Alashkert

BATE Borisov from Belarus will face Alashkert from Armenia in the first round of the 2nd qualification round to the Champions League. My knowledge about the two teams are limited and therefore i’m going to keep this short but i still think i have some good arguments why this is a good option for this match.
BATE is on a break now from its domestic league and is currently sitting as number 2 behind Shakhtyor. Full focus now on the qualification and and has allowed them to prepare well for this match as they played their last match 01.07. It’s a very defensive team with a good defensive qualities. After 15 matches played in the league they have conseded 7 goals and crossed over this line two times.
Their record in the Champions League is quite impressive as they’ve reaced the group stage in 2011, 2012, 2014 and 2015. Since their overall quality isn’t that good we’ve seen some high scoring matches but also matches where they were able to hold tight against good opponents, such as Roma, Barcelona and Milan to name a few. In the qualification rounds we’ve seen them with good control and usually low scoring matches. I think they will be happy with a comfortable lead and dont allow any away goals as it’s crucial. A main goal will be to keep a clean sheet and i think the chances for that is good. The odds on them doing so isn’t that high so i thought this was a better pick. Also i find it hard to see them scoring four goals by themself too.

Alashkert finished the domestic league at the end of May on top of the table. Average goals per match where 2.83 but it can’t be compared to much since this is a different set up. For example we saw them go through the first round with 1-0 at home and 1-1 on the road against FC Santa Coloma. As far as i can see they’ve only played for a spot in Europe for the first time last year. I find this situation very much alike when they faced Dinamo Tbilisi. It ended with a 2-0 defeat in the away game and 1-1 in the second match. Also they met FC Santa Coloma and none of them crossed this line.
Since this is the first round i expect both teams to have an careful approach. BATE will make sure to get a comfortable lead and no goals in their own bag while Alashkert only can hope for a good result. Meaning getting a draw or only just a defeat with few goals I also think going for under 2.5 also is a very good option so you can put some minor stakes on that too.

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