FAC Wien vs Wattens

A very interesting fourth round of Austria’s Erste Liga. Kapfenberg vs Linz, Neustadt vs Hartberg and Innsbruck vs Lustenau will be very close games and are very difficult to predict. The only game which initial situation is a bit clearer is FAC vs Wattens.
FAC had a terrible start into the season. After a loss in the Austrian Cup against Horn (3rd league) they also had three losses in Erste Liga. Although they had three tough opponents (Lustenau, Ried, Hartberg) they didn’t play well at all. The season opener against Lustenau was very frustrating (1:5). The loss in Hartberg was unlucky due to two late goals, but well-deserved. The loss in Ried came after a 2:0 lead for FAC. Remember: Ried lost 4:0 at Liefering on Monday. I’m not sure what to think about Ried these days. They started at championship favorite no. 1 into the season, but their performances are up and down. I think the 2 goal lead of FAC last week came because of Ried’s inconstancy and not due to FAC’s strong performance.

Wattens lost the season opener against the strong promoted team Hartberg. After this loss they defeated Liefering (1:0, away) and Kapfenberg (3:1). Their offense is fun to watch because they play very attractive and score a lot of goals. Also their defense does a good job so far this season. Last season games between FAC and Wattens have been close when you look at the results, but Wattens was more dominant in every of the four games. Wattens won the last two games against FAC without receiving a goal (1:0 at home, 2:0 away).
I think everything will proceed like it did the last few weeks – FAC are struggling and losing games, Wattens will take the chance of defeating a rattled team. Therefore I’ll go with Wattens to win the game for decent odds of 2.00.

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