Gulbis vs De Greef

Ernests Gulbis, my compatriot, a player with a great talent but the wrong attitude and lifestyle and many injuries. But now, after his recent comeback in French Open he seems to be more mature, he got married and he seems to be settled in life. He got a new coach who is working on his technique it specially on the forehand and it doesn’t produce so many errors.
De Greef is a young player who mainly plays on the challenger circuit, he enjoys playing on clay, it’s his favorite surface just like Gulbis. His serve is mediocre on clay court and it doesn’t give a lot of free points. He also doesn’t have any big shots that can hit winners constantly, he feels better in rallies and he also mixes up his game well with drop shots every now and then.

I feel that Gulbis is ready to climb back in the rankings, also he said in the interviews that he is ready for that. He has a much better serve and his backhand is very powerful. In my opinion, Gulbis will outplay his younger opponent with his firepower and experience.

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