St. Pauli vs Dynamo Dresden

FC St. Pauli startet with an away win against secret favorite for the title Vfl Bochum and substantiated its ambitions. The team from Northern Germany played well-organised and didn’t give Bochum many chances. With their fighting spirit and their offensive power St. Pauli will be a hot candidate for the top-5 this season. They lost just three times in 2017 yet. Coach Olaf Janßen and his team are looking forward for the next win.
Dynamo’s first game of the season was a tough fight. They scored the game winner in the 88th minute. Their number 1 striker Testroet was injured. He will miss the rest of this year, maybe the rest of the season. Dynamo got two new guys this week, but they won’t be a serious thought for Monday’s game. Although Dresden was very strong away from home last season, they are not in last season’s form yet. That’s because they lost two very important players (Kutschke, Gogia). Furthermore the Ultras of Dresden will strike due to the new personalization restrictions of away tickets. The missing support could be a big factor in this game.

Pauli won’t make big changes in their roster. Dresden got Haris Duljevic (Bosnian national team player) and the finnish guy Markkannen.

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