Union Berlin vs Holstein Kiel

Union Berlin did quite well in the season opener when the team managed to take all three points away from home against Ingolstadt with a 1:0 victory. Only goal was scored in 59th minute via Trimmel, in quite a balanced game that could have ended differently on some other day.
However, players of Union Berlin showed plenty of determination during their play and looked especially well once they took over the lead, standing pretty well in the defense. After last season when they lose the promotion for few points only, they continued having same ambitions and surely will be boosted with the first victory. They just continued where they stopped during friendly matches, since the team had six victories out of six matches (winning over Wolfsberger, Birmingham and QPR too).
Team from Berlin should only miss offensive midfielder Akaki Gogia (no performance so far in the season).

Holstein Kiel could be satisfied to have walked away with a point in a 2:2 draw at home against Sandhausen, as they were losing with the double deficit from the first halftime and only managed to steal the point in fifth minute of additional time.
Players of Sandhausen looked better in first halftime and took the lead thanks to goals from Sukuta-Pasu in 14th from penalty and Klingmann in 35th minute, however as the time progressed in second, they were more and more defensive oriented, while the players from Kiel attacked more and somehow did deserve not to lose, which finally happened thanks to goals from Lewerenz in 75th and Ducksch in fifth minute of additional time. As a newly promoted side, I guess they’ll need some time to adapt in the new league.
Visitors should be able to field close to a up fully fit squad, same as their opponents.
There is certain individual quality difference that speaks in favor of Union Berlin and even though the players of Holstein Kiel managed to improve in the first round, I don’t see them being that convincing away from home, surely not when playing in front of Union Berlin’s fans.

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