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Preston vs Luton ✅

Preston didn’t have many chances away to Burnley last weekend, suffering a 3:0 loss in quite an unimpressive performance.
They were back in the scoreline already in the fifteenth minute, looked passive and simply weren’t up to the task back then.
It was their second consecutive loss and third in last four matches, as their promotional battle seems to be having less and less real chances.
They miss suspended offensive Evans (22/7), while injured remains forward Riis (24/5).
Luton comes from quite a difficult game away from home against Coventry, but could be overly satisfied with a point taken in a 1:1 game back then.
They took the lead via Lockyer already in the first minute, but had a misfortune to concede a goal in the additional time in the first halftime. They looked slightly more concrete during the clash, but lacked final effort in the continuation of the game.
It was their first draw after three consecutive victories, as they now stand at the fourth position with definitely a great chance to get the play-off ticket in the end.
Right full-back Drameh (2/0) is doubtful, while injured are central defender Bradley (12/0) and offensive midfielder Freeman (20/2).
The guests prevail
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Milan vs Tottenham ❌

Milan returns to the continental stage after finally breaking the blockade last Friday at home against Torino when they did just enough to walk away with a narrow 1:0 victory, which saw them taking the 5th spot in the Serie A standings, but even so, their European exit this season trough the domestic league still remains questionable.
The current title holders and seven-time European champions have had visible problems for some time now, and with the way things are now looking, everything but an easy fixture is ahead for the Italian outfit.
Central-back Tomori (19/1) and defensive midfielder Bennacer (19/1) are doubtful. Goalkeeper Maignan (7/0), right-backs Florenzi (2/0) and Dest (8/0) are injured.
The Spurs didn’t have a good time in their latest performance on the road to underestimated Leicester, as they failed to justify the role of a favorite and suffered a convincing 4:1 defeat.
They dropped out of the top four back in England, and are now sitting in the 5th spot, and will definitely seek redemption and adrenaline injection in the upcoming first leg in the round of sixteen.
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Shakhtar Donetsk vs RB Leipzig ✅

It is all about victory for the designated home side in the upcoming decider, as they are currently three points in deficit compared to their German opponents, leaving things quite open for the remaining knockout phase ticket.
They are not shining though so far in the campaign, as they are suffering from a four-match winless run, but a convincing victory at their opener against none other than Leipzig 1:4 on the road is providing a certain dose of hope that they can repeat their success for the second time and deliver a surprise here.
Defender Kornienko (1/0) and offensive midfielder Shved (3/1) are out injured.
The equation is much simpler for the German side here, as they require a point to qualify for the Champions League knockout phase, only for the third time in the club’s history.
Generally speaking, they are looking better, having three back-to-back victories in the group to support their effort, and will definitely try their best to be victorious, as they are still in a theoretical game to end up at the leading spot in the standings.
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Ajax vs Liverpool ❌

The Dutch hopes of progress to the knockout phase are standing on thin ice, as they are sitting at the 3rd spot in the standings, six points in deficit compared to the second-placed English powerhouse.
The Europa League scenario is almost looking inevitable for Ajax, but they still have some theoretical odds to enter the top sixteen, however, they will have to a maximum amount of points in the upcoming clash, a scenario which is highly unlikely in my opinion.
Midfielder Taylor (9/3) is out injured, as well as a couple of those who didn’t play this season anyway.
As mentioned previously, the Reds are holding the 2nd spot in the rankings, and only one point separates them from securing their ticket for the elimination part of the campaign, a feat that they have always achieved under the guidance of Jurgen Klopp.
Their latest European appearance was a show for itself, as they hammered bottom-placed Rangers with a 1:7 victory on the road, and will surely leave nothing to chance in the upcoming one with the Dutch side.
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Salzburg vs Chelsea ✅

An unbeaten run of three draws and one victory is putting the Austrian squad in the 2nd spot in the group rankings, one point in deficit compared to the leading Chelsea, so needless to say anything about the shire importance of the upcoming clash.
Avoiding defeat pretty much comes as a must for them if they want to take the battle for promotion to the final match, and with the way things are looking now in Group E, the probability of the passive hosts is almost next to zero.
Midfielders Sucic (15/0), Capaldo (14/2) and forward Koita (7/1) are doubtful. Injured and out remain forward Fernando (10/4), offensive midfielder Kameri (8/1), and left-back Ulmer (15/0).
After losing their opener in the Champions League campaign, the Londoners grabbed the momentum, as they are coming here on the back of a three-match unbeaten group run, meeting the expectations last time out in Italy against Milan when they recorded a 0:2 victory.
Even though being current leaders in the standings, they are far from safety, so the Blues, as well, will search only for a three-pointer on their road to Austria which will secure their place in the knockout phase of the competition.
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Barcelona vs Inter ✅

The Catalonians didn’t show much last time they visited Stadio Giuseppe Meazza when they appeared quite uncreative with the ball to their feet and came with a narrow 1:0 defeat.
As expected, the guests controlled the game for most of the time during this clash but lacked that certain something to successfully respond to a conceded goal in the late phase of the first part, definitely not being at the desired level of aggressiveness to be fully competitive against the Italian powerhouse.
Barcelona is holding the 3rd spot in the general rankings, having only three points collected so far in Europe, so needless to say about the shire importance of the upcoming rematch.
The Spaniards miss central defenders Christensen (3/0), Araujo (6/0), right-backs Bellerin (2/0), Kounde (3/0), midfielder Kessie (5/0), and offensive Depay (2/1).
Inter proved the bookies seriously wrong about them last time they clashed with the Spanish giant, as they beat the odds and did just enough to walk away with a three-pointer.
As mentioned above, they scored the only one in this clash in the last minutes of the first part over Calhanoglu, being mostly in the defensive state over since, but the Catalonians were simply not up to the challenge to make this classic a bit more interesting.
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Dinamo Zagreb vs FC Salzburg ❌

Currently sitting in last place in the group, having two back-to-back defeats in the Champions League campaign, the Croatian champion has an imperative to avoid any unpleasant situations in the upcoming encounter.
They suffered a narrow last week 1:0 defeat in the reverse fixture in Austria, being dangerous on several occasions, but definitely lacked a bit more finesses at the finishing to pull out at least a draw.
Defender Sutalo (4/1) and forward Menalo (5/1) are out for the Croats.
Salzburg did their part last time out in Europe at home against minors from Croatia, when they appeared more aggressive and come up with an important three points, which saw them taking the leading spot in the group.
They scored the only one from the penalty executed by Okafor in the 71st, overly looking, appearing better here, and deservedly brought their fans quite a reason to celebrate.
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Benfica vs Paris Saint Germain ❌

Morale is definitely not lacking in Benfica’s camp, as they are enjoying a perfect record so far in the European campaign, outplaying Maccabi at home 2:0, and delivering quite a performance in Turino against Juventus when they showed just how inconvenient they can be and deservedly celebrated with a 1:2 victory.
The Eagles continued their magnificent unbeaten run ever since, only making a minor setback in their latest Liga Portugal fixture away to Vitoria Guimaraes when they took a point in a goalless encounter, surprisingly enough, this was the only match when Benfica didn’t celebrate since May, which is quite a feat to accomplish.
Defender Joao Victor who got signed this summer is still out, as well as defenders Tavares, Morato (4/1), and Lucas Verissimo.
Like their opponents, the Parisians are enjoying the comfort of a perfect run so far in the group stage of the Champions League, having two victories against Maccabi away 1:3, and over Juventus at their opener at home 2:1, demonstrating yet again their shire individual quality which can easily compensate any unpleasant situation on the pitch.
The form of the Parisians is unquestionable, as they are current leaders in the Ligue 1 campaign, without a taste of defeat so far, and it would be truly unrealistic to see them standing out of their distinctive approach in the upcoming continental clash.
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Ajax vs Napoli ✅

Ajax was flourishing this season up to their second Champions League clash on the road to England when they come with a close 2:1 defeat against Liverpool, showing a slight form decrease ever since, which culminated in a 1:1 draw at home against G.A. Eagles last Saturday.
It would be unrealistic to expect their perfect appearance during the entire season, but considering the fact, that the upcoming clash will be their first UEFA head-to-head against Napoli, motivation is not lacking for the Dutch powerhouse.
The Dutch side miss defender Jorge Sanchez (3/0) and a couple of those really long-term absentees without playing this season.
Needless to say, anything about the Italian side, as they are enjoying an outstanding unbeaten run for a while now, and are definitely entering this clash with their morale skyrocketing.
They have a perfect record so far in the group stage of the Champions League campaign, with two victories over Liverpool and Rangers, continuing in a positive manner last weekend in Serie A at home against Torino when they did their part and recorded a convincing 3:1 victory.
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Maccabi Haifa vs Paris Saint Germain ✅

Israeli champion is running a hell of a race back at home, as they have a perfect record so far in the campaign, but nevertheless, couldn’t do much in their opening match of the Champions League on the road to Lisbon when they suffered a routine 2:0 defeat against Benfica.
They were somewhat competitive during the first part when none of the sides wasn’t standing out too much, but quickly decreased their appearance when the match moved to the second, as they conceded two times in the 50th and the 54th, unfortunately, not being able to respond accordingly and spice this one to a certain level.
Defender Meir and midfielders Jaber and Podgoreanu (1/0) are out for this one.
The Parisians met the expectations in a titan clash at home last week against the Italian powerhouse Juventus, as they managed to record their first competitive victory in Europe this season, outplaying their opponent with a 2:1 result.
Mbappe proved yet again that he is undeniably one of the best players in the world, as he brought his team a double lead during the first part, and even though the Italian side managed to reduce later in the 53rd, PSG appeared sturdy enough in the back for the remaining period to preserve their lead.
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