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PSG vs Bayern

PSG vs Bayern, UEFA Champions League
Date: 27th September 2017 Kickoff Time: 20:45 CET
An interesting clash where the Qatar investment will be proven to be successful or not. With Mbappe, Neymar, PSG are expected as the second candidat after Real Madrid to be champion, even their best result is only going to quarter-final. They are expected to beat Bayern Muchen in 2nd round of the group phase.
German side are in 2nd year under management of Ancelotti and they seem to be much weaker than recent years. Ancelotti set Ribery and Robben back to main squad, the veterans who passed the top of performance from a couple of years. This summer he pushed younger name on loan as Sanches and Costa, and bring James from Real Madrid. So I don’t think he is expert on transfer, not only this summer but also from when he worked for Chelsea or Real Madrid. Bayern lost a lot of power and motivation and I think the empire of Ancelotti will come to an end soon.

Both teams got a setback last weekend with a draw. PSG without Neymar could not find a victory in Montpelier, when Bayern lost 2 points against Wolfsburg even leading 2-0 after break. The history between Neymar and Cavani could influence in PSG overall form more or less, but they are all world-class player so this friction should be set aside before a big match. PSG won’t have Pastore due to injury. While Bayern will play without several key position: Goalkeeper Neuer, wing back Alaba and midfielder Thiago will be out.
Obviously both teams are expected to dedicate an offensive-minded game. However I see Bayern lose quite much position in the back, so they will probably play in firm manner. While PSG is not good at imposing the play against the big teams as they don’t have the strong box-to-box midfielder now, mostly after Matuidi left to Juventus. Actually, their squad are very unbalanced right now and they need to add some name if they want to be champion of Europe.
If we need an exemple 2 games of PSG against Real Madrid 2 years ago in group phase finished with only one goal. I think the same scenario will be play tomorrow.

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