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AGF Aarhus vs AaB

Aarhus ended up at 4th place in the Championship campaign and will have to walk a bit more difficult path if they want to reach their goal and grab the European exit ticket.
They are coming to this final match after a pretty convincing defeat in their last encounter against Midtjylland when they were routinely outplayed with a 4:0 result on the road.
Simply said, the quality gap was too obvious in this one, and there is not much that the guests could do to prevent from conceding two goals in each part, as their overall appearance was quite passive throughout the match.
The home side will miss central defender Backman (4/0) and forward Mortensen (29/15) for this one. Doubtful are central-back Tingager (13/1) and forward Jorgensen (1/0).
Aalborg finished at the 7th spot in the relegation group, leaving their closest Sonderjyske with two points in deficit, and will now have a chance to get the European exit for the next season.

They did a good job in their last match against previously mentioned Sonderjyske when they were quite dominant with their 4:0 victory away from their home.

The guests appeared better during this decisive clash, scoring two goals in both parts of the match, while the home side looked pretty uninterested on the pitch for doing something more concrete.

Offensive Andersen (18/1) is injured, as well as forward Kusk (30/3) for the guests.
Aarhus vs Aalborg H2H

20.12.20 Aarhus vs Aalborg 3 : 0
04.10.20 Aalborg vs Aarhus 1 : 1
09.07.20 Aalborg vs Aarhus 1 : 0
Time to get serious

Even though Aarhus is coming to this clash after a convincing defeat, it had to be said that the match itself had no competitive signature for them, as they probably moved their whole attention to this one.

I am positive that they will appear much better here, and with the right approach, I see no problem for them outscoring Aalborg, as in this match, there will certainly be no holding back from their side, considering what is at stake.

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