Almere City vs Roda

Promotion playoffs game Almere vs Roda.
Both these teams are realy bad when it comes to defending. Almere being the worst of the two, they have conceded so many goals in JupilerLeague. Also both teams find the net pretty easy. So i cant see this game being 1-1 or goalles.
Almere actually plays nice football if you consider their financial abilities. Pass and move, pass and move. This is realy hard to master cuz if a pass goes wrong, they are very vulnerable to counters. And this is exactly what Roda likes. Roda can be deadly in counter attacks as their flanks are speedy.
Home team has this “try to score as many goals as possible” philosiphy, cuz they cant rely on their defence. So i expect Almere to take the initiative and attack. This should give space for Roda to counter and they need 1 away goal. And i think Roda will score atleast once.

Bet : over 3goals

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