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BATE Borisov vs Slavia Mozyr

BATE accepts Slavia in a match that definitely can bring the surprise. BATE Borisov is in perfect form at home – 100% win rate in domestic league and 100% win rate in the cup competition but here come the question marks.
First of all, BATE is not the team from recent years that always participated in the European tournaments. They lost the title in two consecutive years to Dynamo Brest and Shakhtyor. They tend to win but they do it in a really hard manner. Most of their wins are with one goal margin which shows that they play difficult and nervous football and get easily tired. Nobody wins forever so the good for will end.
Moreover, “”modern” rivals Shakhtyor are 10/10 wins in the league which definitely makes pressure on BATE.

Something to add, Slavia is one of the worst opponents to BATE. Last year Slavia drew BATE 1-1 which was one of the game deciders for the league and they eliminated them for the cup.

For tomorrow game I expect BATE to be very tired and Slaviya to try something different. Slavia is a very dangerous attacking team with 100% over 9.5 corners on away this season. No one made more corners on away than them. BATE is with 83% over 9.5 corners at home because as I said they win but they play very difficult, usually concedes and need to come form behind and that is why they produce corners.

To sum up, this game will be hard, probably BATE will win but odds cannot be compared to the odds for corners and that is why I find value there. Hand to hand BATE and Slavia often produce corners in their mutual games so this give me confidence as well.

Tvmoca propose : Over 9.5 Corners

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