Bautista-Agut vs Djokovic

I see a Djokovic that is running out of gas fast. I see a djokovic that moves worse. I see not the same fighter anymore. He even said himself after an interview that the match ( when he lost against Thiem last year here in Paris ) was lost in the first set. Are you kidding me? Old Djokovic would fight till the end. How many times we saw comeback wins of Nole against guys like Federer and Murray?!
So he has not been good here either. Rookie Munar (and i was expecting this a little bit ) gave him all kind of trouble and Silva Dutra was even breaking the Serb. Especially Djokovic his body language was not good during that match, like he was having a flue, allergy or something like that. He declared afterwards that he was not feeling at his best. Something was going on there for sure and he did not wanted to explain.
On the other side also a sad story, but in a much different way as Agut’s mother died just last week. He decided to play here in paris and beated Istomin in 5 sets, very impressive indeed. Some players collapse, others get strenght out of it and this seems the case with the Spaniard.

With Agut i always had the feeling that he plays better on hard, very strange for a Spaniard but the facts do not lie, 226-107 on hard and 243-161 on clay. Agut is a real working bee, good mover as well. But it’s not enough credits for him if we say that he only works hard. He can do a lot with his backhand but forehand as well and is good with transition from defence>attack.
He is 8-4 on clay in 2018. In Barcelona he lost in four sets against Goffin. I think odds on Djokovic are ( once again ) overrated and i will not be suprised if he will have all kind of troubles with Agut here. There is no reason to assume that he will destroy the Spaniard after two average matches here in Paris. In 2016 these two met here at RG and Djokovic won in 4 sets.

Bet : Over 3.5 Sets

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