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BK Hacken vs IFK Goteborg

It is a derby between the rich and the poor. The title contender against the side nobody believed in. Most importantly, it is a derby. The stadiums are only 15 minutes apart in the city of Gothenburg and the mind games have started since long time ago.
Goteborg might be the most hyped team at this point in time, which is mainly due to their youthful team but also the fact that the original prediction was that Goteborg would be a strong relegation candidate due to their lack of money and experience. Things really changed upon the arrival of striker Lasse Vibe – a legendary hero for the club. He might not have been the best performer on the pitch but provides valuable energy for all the young players.

Several players have performed really well, not least 17 year old striker Benjamin Nygren (10/4), attacker Giorgi Kharaishvili (9/4) and midfielder Patrik Lagemyr (10/4) have all been essential to the success so far. They are all available for the derby and will pose a threat to any team in the league at the current form
The doubt is whether first keeper Giannis Anestis (10/0) will be ready for the game or not
Hacken are currently placed in second, one point after Malmo. With a 6-2-2 record they are living up to the expectations. They have a very sharp offensive duo in Alexander Jeremejeff and Paulinho to name two. Defensively, they have conceded 8 goals in 10 matches, but 3 of them came against Sirius in the last match. Unfortunately for Hacken, not a good defensive display prior to an important derby. The style of play is very fluid and they are good at timing the runs and finding the pockets in the final third.
Injury wise, Hacken will be able to field a competitive side without concerns.
Goteborg will have huge support on the stadium, and will feel like a “home” game. The only negative is that the pitch is artificial, which benefits Hacken more. Both teams have high confidence and this derby feels hotter than in many years due to both teams performing well lately. The outcome? Flip a coin if you pick a side, so I am going with goals due to the very capable offensive players that represent both teams.

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