Borussia Monchengladbach vs Young Boys

With certiudine Monchengladbach is 99.99% qualified, but this does not exclude to see a good game.
Borussia Monchengladbach has not yet played any match in Bundesliga first division will begin on August 26. The only official game that they played it in this start to the season – out of the tour with Young Boys, is the German Cup in front of fans of Brochtersen/Assel.
Though they rested some players, it was favorite to win Monchengladbach but succeeded to only 1-0. Also, the little squad from Regionalliga North could even big shots in the match with two shots on the gate space at Gladbach. However, weshould not take this dispute as standard, starting from the premise that his players Gladbach came more than relax in this dispute.

In the tour match, the only player who will not be able Borussia base is Swiss goalkeeper Sommer. This was injured ankle and will not play. Considering both relaxation hosts, who are in a large proportion of highly qualified 3-1 after lap, and that the goalkeeper isunavailable, it would not be ruled out at least one assist to Young Boys Bern scored by .

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