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Chelsea vs FC Porto

The Blues did a good job in the first leg against Porto when they appeared confident enough and recorded a 0:2 victory, playing as a visiting side on a neutral location in Sevilla.
A team from London appeared much sharper at the finishing, even though it can not be said that the “hosts” were just standing aside, and took the lead first in the 32nd over Mount.
Chelsea had a slight ball possession advantage in the continuation and managed to double the lead in the 85th via Chilwell after he took advantage of a mistake that the opponent’s defense made, and created a pretty nice background for the upcoming second leg.
The Blues could miss central-back Christensen (13/0) and forward Abraham (20/6) hoping to recover on time for the match . Participation of midfielder Kante (26/0) is questionable at the moment.

As mentioned Porto failed to be more concrete in their last European match in Sevilla, suffering a pretty inconvenient loss to Chelsea with a 0:2 result.

They played offensively, which is pretty much their signature, but failed to be more concentrated at the finishing to spice this one a bit.

The “hosts” found themselves in deficit since the 32nd minute, and even though they created several decent opportunities as the match moved towards the end, a mistake in the 85th cost them another conceded goal, and their progress to the next phase is very questionable now.

Goalkeeper Costa (1/0) is long-term absentee, while the Portuguese could miss forward Toni (10/3) with a knee problem.
One way or another

Chelsea is simply better and in a way better position in front of this one. Porto will need to risk, and I mean completely risk. It’s not something that could easily pay off to them. It will be really difficult for them to be better than what they were last week, and with the given exposure this time, I definitely see the Blues benefiting from it. Smaller risk since they actually don’t need it that much – still, should get it.

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