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Chelsea vs Liverpool

Chelsea sit second in the Premier League table after their disappointing 2-2 draw against Swansea last weekend and now entertain a hot-scoring Liverpool side tonight. Antonio Conte’s sides have generally been extremely dependant on good defenders and a solid defensive midfielder but despite having that, Chelsea have conceded goals in 4 out of 5 competitive fixtures played till date. The absence of John Terry will also add the woes; although new signing David Luiz should slot right in, he is very prone to mistakes that could see Liverpool attackers take an advantage of. Up front Eden Hazard, Diego Costa and Michy Batshuayi have shown great form to start the season, and it won’t be surprising if Conte decides to start both strikers up front today especially against a weaker Liverpool defensive unit.

Liverpool have started out focussed on scoring goals, and they have done exactly that in the 5 games that they have played so far this season. They have scored 9 goals in the 4 games played so far, including a 4-1 win against Champions Leicester and a 4-3 win against Runners-Up Arsenal. Those success boost the confidence level in the Liverpool lineup especially of their attacking players in Mane, Sturridge, Firmino, Lallana and Wjnaldum. They have really played extremely well, breaking on the counter attack with pace and gives your resemblances to the Dortmund team he had that won the Bundesliga. However, when you look defensively, there is a lot to be worried about. Simon Mignolet has been shaky at the back ever since he put on his red’s jersey; make shift left back James Milner has been struggling to match the pace and tonight against Ivanovic it will continue to be a struggle. At centre-back he has not decided what his best combination is yet with Loveren the only certain starter and he is shuffled around along with Matip, Lucas, Sakho; so whoever it is, it will take some adjustment getting used to which is where the mistakes happen.

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