Cibulkova vs Su-Wei Hsieh

I really don’t want to sound like I underestimate Su Wei, but she really will not have much chances against Dominika tomorrow, especially when they will have to play on grass and the Slavakian is looking so inspired right now. As I said in my previous preview about Dominika, It’s really tough to break her spirit when she’s feeling good on the court. She’s a player who is so confident, so when she’s playing well. She was almost perfect against Elise Mertens in her previous match and during the whole tournament. Also will add the fact that she was quarterfinalist in 2016 in Wimbledon and she knows what’s the feeling to reach this round in comparison with Su Wei, who has two participations in fourth round in Grand Slams at all, both of them in Australian Open, but with no success. I doubt in Wimbledon will bedifferent story.

Su has really interesting style with really flat shots, also using a lot of slices and drop shots. If the match between them was on clay, maybe I would be more cautious, but on grass I will go with Cibulkova for sure. Su Wei made something really big last round eliminating world N1 Simona Halep in crazy match, which I don’t think Su won, because she was better, Halep beat herself. Why? Simona served awful two days ago during the match in the decisive points, that’s the truth, Break points saved by Halep- 5/12..that speaks a lot about her performance, these stats you will in her matches two or three times for the whole year and one of them was a few days ago. Su’ stats are nothing better in this component- break points saved 16/23.. both of them realized 7 breaks. There were moments in the match, when they felt much more comfortable when they were returning and there were couples of rebreaks. Also Halep was leading 5:2 in the third set, missed a matchpoint..
Su will not have too many chances to play her style tomorrow, Cibulkova is not stupid and will try to dictate the points with a lot of aggression from the bottom of the court. It depends how Su will play on return, when she had chances to attack 2nd services. Cibulkova is not a player who made a lot of aces, most of the times her DFs are more than the aces, but her 1st serve percentage of winning points is very high and I doubt it will change tomorrow. Also Su will have to deal with her opponent’s aggressive style and I can feel a lot of breaks on her serve even before the start of the match.
H2H they have two matches in Kuala Lumpur 2014 and Australian Open 2017 and two wins in straight sets for Cubulkova. In Australian Open, Cibulkova had a lot of problems, although she won it 6:4 7:6, but now she looks and IS much more stable and confident in herself. I have no doubt which player to choose in this match! Both of them are short players, but the Slovakian is just the much better one.

Bet : Cibulkova to Win

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