Del Potro vs Djokovic

Novak Djokovic and Del Potro will meet in this 2018 US Open finals.
The Serbian player is in excellent form by my opinion. As expected he easily dealt with Nishikori. So, I was right there and hopefully I will be again and thus to close US Open on a positive side after completely disaster pick on the women finals.
So, Novak easily finished SF vs Nishikori while Delpo took the job done against Rafael Nadal. Unfortunately, Rafa was not able to finish the match so the handicap bet on Del Potro was void but who was a little more brave than I was and who took money line, end up in a profit.
I’m not on Djokovic today. My lean is his win but odds are too low, don’t want to make such mistake again. As for handicap, I am leaning towards Del Potro but not many games on his side, I am not feel comfortable with only +4. Yes, I was on him on even less against Nadal but I simply think Djokovic is way better than Nadal at this point. Plus, in the SF I mentioned I am taking Delpo cause in fact I expect him to win, maybe even in straight sets. So he in any underdog role back then was good choice in my eyes. But now, I’m not sure, everything is possible here. I’m afraid that one convincing set in favor of Djokovic would ruin such handicap bet on Del Potro.

That being said, I am the most comfortable here with betting over the totals. I think this will end in 4+ sets. There is small concern 4 sets won’t be enough but I think there will be more 7-6 or 7-5 sets than 6-1 or 6-2 sets. Basically, 4 times 6-4 would be enough.
The H2H is 14-4 in favor of Djokovic. If we take a look on those results, in the more recent meetings rarely was straight sets win for any of them. In last ten, only three times was straight sets match. Also note 9 of those 10 were best of three. Of course in best of five like now, it is even less chance to match end with straight sets win.
What we need here? Well, against best returner on the ATP tour Delpo will need high class first serv. I think his serv so far was on the high level. Of course in the long rallies Novak hold the edge but I expect we won’t see too many of those long rallies, at least not when Delpo is serving.
Weather conditions (I mean heat) is something that could affect Del Potro but honestly I am not worried about that cause far from that Djokovic feels comfortable in such conditions.

My best bet is over 39.5

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