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Egypt vs South Africa

Egypt didn’t have much of a task to progress the group, but also their strength was obvious too. After starting victory over Zimbabwe 1:0, the hosting nation outplayed D. R. Congo and Uganda, each with a 2:0 result.
They weren’t completely firm at the back as the results show, but anyway, have deserved that first position without any doubt, it was simply enough for this stage.
South Africans didn’t show many positive things during the group stage, but neither their individual quality reflects them much better.

The side lost narrowly to Ivory Coast and Morocco in the first and the third round, only winning with a 1:0 result against Namibia. An expected victory which a bit unexpectedly, was enough to progress further this time.
No many changes are expected here in either of the teams. South Africans should be cautious and conservative here, although it can’t be much more than what they did against Morrocans or Ivory Coast.
With so little what South Africans have shown, they should be satisfied to have progressed the group cause it could have been very different for them.
Egypt, on the other side, had their flows so far, but they look far stronger and simply more concrete side. With the help of their own fans, they should have no problems winning this one inside the ninety minutes without many troubles created by South Africans.

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