France vs USA

France is on perfect run before heading to Russia. Everything will be better if they beat the United States in this match. France has a lot of advantages in the battle today, from strength to strength, quality players, coach etc. The Blues is considered one of the top candidates, current generation has so many prominent stars spreading across all three lines on a pitch.
United States did not qualify for CONCACAF World Cup 2018. After failing underwent a radical transformation. Coach Sarachan decided to skip a series of old filars to give the young players opportunities. However, these changes are not yet effective.
France is asked to send confirmation that is ready to Mundial, always scored at least twice in their last seven games so will hit again, since Yankees is in transition under the new coach even Americans does not belive yet, as we know they always speak positive about everything what’s belongs or represent their country.

Being clear on that lne of 8.5 is low in this case, USA concede easy and proved in several times while France is typical gainer, these arguments convert to statement that Race to 7 or EH (-2) seems tempting for me. Overall more than 8 also stay strong as solid 10 for me.

Bet : Over 8.5 Corners

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