Fucsovics vs Gojowczyk

Peter Gojowczyk could be the winner.

Regarding performances of Fucsovics, I would say this is the best tournament to reach a final in. His performances on clay were starting to look a little bit better in Munchen. There where he was eliminating one of the big clay courters Italy had seen. Pella couldve been a relative dangerous oponent but had a bad day. I say this because Max Marterer eliminated him after and Marterer was playing a good tenis in front of home croud but still, far from top 50 atp for sure.
Anyway, here in Geneva, Fucsovics handled a big downgrading morale like Wawrinka’s that is decreasing day by day. Tiafoe couldve been an oponent but as usually gets knocked out from match to match. And as for Ramos, really unstable tenis player. No chance for him against Fucsovics and many players from top 100.
Peter is feeling great in Switzerland. He had a more tougher draw to handle starting with Karlovic, David Ferrer or Fognini. He done the job against Karlovic’s abusive serving and handled tactically Ferrer and Fognini. Fognini was clearly the favorite to win against him but he lost in minimum.

One thing is for sure, Fucsovics will not break as easily as he did against Wawrinka.

Bet : Gojowczyk to Win

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