Goteborg vs Sirius

Swedish football taking place at Gamla Ullevi in Gothenburg, to guide us into the weekend full of Premier League football. However, for an early weekend match – IFK Goteborg will host IK Sirius in a very important match particularly for the hosts.
You might recognize IFK Goteborg from 1980 and 1990 era, a very successful period where the team was famous across the globe.
Nowadays, they are fighting to avoid relegation in Allsvenskan after going through a financial crisis and have changed their strategy to rely on cheap signings and talent development.
The strategy before this was to sign expensive proven players. What IFK Goteborg are trying to do is to cut costs and survive Allsvenskan so that they can have a stronger upcoming year. Despite some difficult results this season, they have a few interesting players offensively such as 22-year-old Giorgi Kharaishvili, 23-year-old Elias Mar Omarsson and Patrik Karlsson Lagemyr born in 1996. It is a very young core group.

They are being coached by Pya Asbaghi, who is 33 years old himself. In general, you can see where this team is going. It is under development and trying to gain results, but they are not coming easy. It was a heartbreak loss away against Kalmar with 2-1 and the pressure is increasing.

~ IK Sirius is a much smaller club but has a clearer playing philosophy – the ball should be passed on the ground where possession and ball movement is key.

They have had defensive problems which is why they have conceded the most goals in Allsvenskan. However, they seem to have received a great morale boost after winning three consecutive matches and left the relegation zone. This is a key game in order to win some ground.
Both teams are relatively healthy and will be able to field strong starting lineups.

Bet : Over 2.5 Goals

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