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Guabira vs The Strongest

This match is from Bolivia, between Guabira and The Strongest.Two teams in different shape at the moment, but not so much in terms of offensive quality.
Guabira invested a lot (for this league’s conditions) in some players and further more in their youth program, and their mission is to challenge even for the title (in five years plan). It is not a bad season so far, but Strongest showed them in a direct duel that their wish is still far away. Mojica, Flores, Velasco, Montenegro and a a few more represent a soild team, and their play is not bad (also said this and stick to it)..I play them and watch them a lot so nothing new here..

The Strongest are a team that wants a lot this season, now..! Their board was clear about that and they are doing fine at the moment. They score a lot and with ease.Blacburn is without a doubt their best player (alongside Saucedo maybe the best in the league from the america’s players)..They will attacj here in search for three points..
All in all, a match between teams that know how to score, great offensive power on both teams, and not so bad defences, so i will stick with a low margin, over 2.5 goals.

Tvmoca propose : Over 2.5 Goals

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