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Hungary vs Iceland

Hungary did a great job winning away to Bulgaria early in October with a 1:3 result. That victory secured them the placement into the final play-off game this Thursday. They didn’t have visibly more of the ball possession, however simply looked far more effective with the ball to their feet and didn’t need much to show that they are very threatening.
It’s something that has been quite a trademark of theirs in recent (more important) matches, even though they continued the previous month with a narrow victory over Serbia and a goalless game away to Russia. Still, it’s results that put them just a point behind first-placed Russia in their UEFA Nations League group.

Defender Korhut (21/1, Debrecen), midfielders Kleinheisler (29/2, Osijek), and Patkai (23/2, Vasas) won’t be part of the team this time.

Iceland did their job at home against Romania with a 2:1 victory early in October, but the big test comes now as they face much more in-form Hungary on the road. They looked far better with the ball to their feet against Romanians, especially in the first halftime, and have deservedly reached the last phase, even though being slightly passive in the second after taking the two goals lead.

As for the UEFA Nations League, they suffered two more defeats, at home against Denmark 0:3 and Belgium 1:2. Matches that were surely marked as slightly less important than their game against Romanians a few days earlier. Still, they really showed very little in a difficult group for their standards as they were drawn with Belgium, Denmark, and England having zero points out of four matches played.

The guests will miss defender Fjoluson (17/1, Brann), midfielders Anderson (7/0, Midtjylland), Hallfredsson (73/1, Padova), forwards Fridjonsson (4/2, Brescia) comparing to a previous couple of callups.
Might be easier with Szoboszlai

Even though Iceland can’t be underestimated at any moment, it’s my sole impression that the Hungarians are looking way better recently. Especially when talking about the ball movement and creating real goalscoring opportunities.

The visitors didn’t show much in recent games apart from their victory against Romania and the Hungarians, do stand out as quite a favorite to clinch the EURO 2020 placement, at least in my eyes. There’s a certain better overall atmosphere around their national squad recently as well.

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