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Italy U21 vs Poland U21

Italy opened up the competition in the best possible way against rivals from Spain, as the side stood behind in the scoreline very early, in the ninth minute via a goal from Ceballos.
However, the Italians reacted well, reverted thanks to two goals from Chiesa while penalty kick converted via Pellegrini sealed the faith of that match.
The Spaniards maybe had a bit more of the possession to their feet, however, the Italians matched them with the chances created in a very interesting game overall.
Italians miss defenders Luperto (5/0, Napoli), Calabria (19/0, Milan), midfielders Valzania (10/0, Frosinone), Depaoli (5/1, Chievo), forward Parigini (21/7, Torino) and a couple of more compared to the preliminary call-up. They, however, remain with a very quality team including eight players who already played for the Italian senior team.

Poland maybe comes from even more interesting clash, as they won over Belgium with a 3:2 result – in a game where they behaved similarly to the Italians.
The ball possession belonged to their opponents who took the lead early too, while the Polish team also didn’t need much to show how dangerous they are in attack when given enough space.
In the end, it came out as a victory but could have ended very differently on some other day.
Polish team isn’t counting at goalkeeper Dragowski (5/0, Fiorentina) due to injury comparing to preliminary invitations for the Euro u21 championship.
Both teams have shown that their performance in attack is more quality side of theirs.
Due to the nature of competition’s system, neither of the teams can’t be satisfied with a point here, since only one second-placed team progresses to the semi-finals and whatever the result is, an open and attacking game is expected. Value is with goals this time since they didn’t disappoint us in the first round either.

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