Italy vs Poland

Italy and Poland were in League A. Together with Portugal at first glance, it is the group number three visually looks weaker than other companies, if we consider the latest results of these teams at the world Cup.
Better than other teams were the Portuguese. They reached the 1/8 finals of the 2018 world Cup, although this result can not be put them in the asset. The fans expected more.
The Italians did not get into the final part of the world Cup in Russia. Poland failed tournament, finishing in last spot of group H, and the main goleador striker of Bayern and the national team of Poland Robert Lewandowski in the last three matches failed to report any successful action.
The draw was held before the start of the world Cup in Russia. At that time, the above teams took high places in the ranking, so it was in League A.

The failed results led to a change on the coaching bridge. Italy was headed by former coach of St. Petersburg Zenith Roberto Mancini. Poland instead of Adam Nawalka, who has worked at the helm of the national team 5 years, new coach is appointed, Jerzy Brzeczek.
And those, and other there is, that to prove to. The last segment both teams failed. Italy in seven matches won only 1 match, when the opponents were Saudi Arabia, and Poland simply failed the world Cup. New coaches should breathe new blood into the players. Total, in my opinion, the best option, given that the last time both teams miss a lot.

Bet : Over 2 Goals

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