Lillestrom vs Ranheim

For the first time in 63 years, Lillestrøm and Ranheim meet for a new series match. That is really worth to point out transformation from amature team to mayube not top but member of Eliteserien league.Home side used to generate a lot of corners in past season and as 5 rounds beghind us Lillestrom contiunne high streak; took 1-9 agains Kloftka in a Cup, concede 9 and won 4 against Molde and so on.
Visitors are an offensive team and play a little risk. As far, always create couple 12 for instance vs Kvik in a Cup, 0-8 ck over Sandefjord. All other numbers oscylite around 9-10 in total.
In nutshell line 9.5 is too short, other ties is set on 10.0/10.5 line.

Bet : Over 9.5 Goals

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