Makarova vs Sevastova

For the Women US Open Round 3 I have Makarova to win against Sevastova. Makarova is the more experienced player and she showed good form in the first 2 rounds so I think she should be favorite here.
Makarova record at US Open is very good. In the last 5 years she made it past the 3rd round 3 times making the semifinals in 2014 and the quarterfinals in 2013.
Makarova leads the H2H with 3 wins and 1 loss against Sevastova. All 3 wins were on hard.
Makarova won against Georges as an uderdog in the second round.I watched that match and she looked very solid. Meanwhile Sevastova had an easier opponent in R2 in Liu.

Sevastova favorite surface was always clay while Makarova prefers hard surfaces.

Bet : Makarova to win

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