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Milan vs Benevento

Milan entered a mini-series of two consecutive defeats in Serie A, suffering a pretty convincing defeat in the last round on the road against Lazio with a 3:0 result.
An early goal conceded in the 2nd minute surely had a certain dose of impact on the Rossoneri’s appearance, as they looked quite insecure at the finishing, especially during the first part.
Conceding another one at the beginning of the second part pretty much pointed the direction in which this match heading, as Milan simply was not in a position to match Lazio here, that managed to be effective once more in the last minutes and spiced the Champions League race to the highest level.
Milan decreased in their rankings, currently being at 5th spot, having the same amount of points as Juventus and Napoli.

The home side should have no fresh injury nor suspension worries for this one.

Benevento is coming to this clash after a convincing defeat in the last match at home against Udinese when they were outplayed with a 2:4 result.

Even though the aggression was more than visible in their approach, their vulnerable backline disappointed yet again this season in Serie A.

The hosts entered the second part with a 1:2 deficit but despite their aggressive play, couldn’t do much to prevent the guests to be effective two more times for a little less than half an hour, while Benevento managed to “soften” their defeat with another one scored in the late phase of the match.

They still have a chance to stay among the elite despite their poor 18th position, but will have to perform with much more confidence in the matches to come.

They continue missing defender Tuia (25/1), and forwards Sau (24/4) and Moncini (10/0).
AC Milan vs Benevento H2H

03.01.21 Benevento vs AC Milan 0 : 2
21.04.18 AC Milan vs Benevento 0 : 1
03.12.17 Benevento vs AC Milan 2 : 2
No clean sheets

Both sides have the imperative of victory in front of them, as they have worries about their rankings, each in their own way. Milan significantly decreased from the top and is now in a situation to fight for the Champions League exit, while Benevento will definitely try to take as much as possible here.

Even though the guests are considered total outsiders, their offensive capabilities are giving us every reason to assume that they are more than capable to spice this one as much as possible, at least in my opinion.

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