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Montpellier vs Toulouse

Montpellier didn’t appear in the best possible way at first away to Metz, since the team was losing with two goals down till the last twenty minutes of the match, but was awarded for the fighting spirit and reached a point in a 2:2 game in the end.
Very little was done in attack from them till the last phase of the match, but they still managed to improve when needed and react in the best possible way getting a point via goals from Delort and Sambia within six minutes.
They even looked a bit more concrete even when having the lead, risking for more and trying for a three-pointer.

Still, the side is without a victory in the last three rounds, being in the middle of the table with three points less than Europa League placed Marseille and with just four more than the playout placed Strasbourg, with their direction yet to be determined.
The hosts keep missing midfielder Ferri (7/0), while doubtful is another midfielder, Dolly (6/0).
Toulouse had the lead twice in their home match against Lyon last Saturday night, but the side, in the end, suffering a 2:3 loss.
They dominated actually in the first halftime but couldn’t get advantage from it, but still managed to re-install the lead at the start of the second halftime with a lucky own goal, however, didn’t have enough energy to match Lyon in the last phase of the game.
In the end, it was a deserved loss, as the side continues to pay the price of defensive behavior that needs improvement really soon.
They are inside the relegation zone, with a point more than the rock bottom-placed Nimes.
The guests will miss defender Rogel (1/0), forward Said (9/1) and midfielder Sangare (10/0) most likely. Doubtful, for now, are defender Diakite (7/0) and midfielder Sidibe (3/0).
Toulouse has big problems regarding their defense, especially when they play away from home and it’s not something that can be fixed so easily.
Montpellier seems pretty tight at the back and are earning much more points in their home clashes as they have more than a decent 4-1-1 record.
No doubt that they are aiming a victory that would detach themselves further away from the relegation zone and knowing how compact they look in front of their own crowd, they should get it easier than what the odds suggest at the moment.

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