NAC Breda vs Heracles

The last 5 rounds NAC Breda attack do not work properly at least not from the beginning of the season where and when they lost they at least scored a goal, the only exception is the victory over Utrecht with 3:1. And the problem is defense also where in the match against Ajax they left without Meijers and will be suspended for this match as well as Koch who is still strugling with injury while Haemhouts and Rommens are not so important because they are not in team from the beginning of the season regardless they were in starting line up last season.
NAC Breda have 70% of home matches over 2.5 goals with 3.5 goals per home match and against a team that did not concede a goal just in one match so far, even if they do not reach the points I believe that they will at least score a goal.

Heracles is more or less complete when talk about absent, only players who got the chance from the bench are out as
Duarte, Darri, Droste and Van Hintum. Interestingly, Heracles has only 3 points away compared to home matches where they won 21 points of the possible 33. As I have mentioned they are one of the two teams who had clean sheets in just one match but they scored a goal in 90% of the match and with 80% away matches in over 2.5 goals this can easily finish with more then 3 goals with the final result 1:3 fo Heracles.

Bet : Over 2.5 Goals

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