Nurnberg vs Dortmund

Dortmund have looked very shaky as of late, including their terrible 0-3 loss in their CL battle against tottenham which all but basically eliminates them from the Champions League (sans an incredible blowout at home vs Tottenham, which I think is very unlikely).
That being said, I believe their focus will now be on the bundesliga and winning it. No better way to get back on track than against an 18th place Nuremberg team. Dortmund may very well concede a goal as Dortmunds clean sheets have been rare, however I think personally they sharpen up and get disciplined and hold Nuremberg to 0 goals.

Nuremberg have looked well (for having 2 total wins) in NOT getting blown out, and they are fighting for relegation lives, but I just see dortmund getting back to their ways of scoring 2-3+ goals and whooping on Nuremberg. Talent disparity is immense.

Tvmoca propose : Dortmund -1AH

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