Palermo vs Foggia

Palermo suffered quite heavy and a bit unexpected defeat last time out, as the side visited Empoli and got destroyed with a 4:0 result. It was their first defeat after eight matches in Serie B, with the team being in more than fine form recording five victories and three draws in between.
However, must be said that the things didn’t look like one sided ones as the result says – on contrary, the visiting side even had more chances created and have held the ball more, however hosts were doing the things that are counting – at were deadly seriously every time with the ball to their feet.
Thanks to three goals from Caputo and one from Brighi, they managed to seal the victory in a great fashion, while the visitors have every reason to feel frustrated with how the things developed since it simply wasn’t their day at all.
The side now stands at third position having three points less than leading duo from Empoli and Frosinone and surely that a victory here is their only target as they need to recover badly in that race for direct promotion positions. Home side will miss defenders Struna (22/0) and Morganella (10/0).

Foggia, on the other side, comes from a narrow 2:1 victory at home over Avellino in a game where they were set as favorites, now having two consecutive victories which surely boosted their morale in a pretty difficult position for now.
This match wasn’t easy at all for them, as the players of Avellino took the lead in tenth minute via Asencio, while the home side replied via Nicastro in 35th minute. Probably deciding moment happened in 43rd when the guests stood playing with a man less, which the home side exploited later on and sealed the victory via Mazzeo in 68th minute, while the final result could easily have been a draw as well, since the home side didn’t look that superior with a man more and the visitors gave a really good fight to them.
After these two victories, the side have climbed up to the sixteenth position at the table with just a point more than play-out placed sides and three more than relegating placed Pro Vercelli, still being in dangerous zone.
Visitors are set to miss goalkeeper Tarolli (6/0), defender Figliomeni (1/0), midfielder Agazzi (19/1) and forward Fedato (15/2).

~ Palermo has three consecutive victories without a goal conceded at home.

Foggia maybe even over performed in previous two matches, but having in mind the quality of their defensive lineup, I can’t see them walking away with something. On contrary, Palermo plays just fine and surely are now very determined to bounce back with a positive result and strong response here.

Bet : Palermo -1 AH

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