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Poli Timisoara vs Chindia Targoviste

Today, in Romanian second division named Liga 2, Chindia Targoviste(5th place) will play against Poli Timisoara(19th place).
Chindia Targoviste is a team that was founded only 8 years ago. Despite being a team with no history, they are already in the second division managing in the last 3 season some very good results like:
– 2015 (Liga 2) 3rd place but the format wasn’t the one from today so they didn’t get any promotion
– 2016 (Liga 2) 5th place
– 2017 (Liga 2) 3rd place, they played a play-off for promotion with a team from Liga 1 and they lost at penalties

So now, they are trying again to promote and so far they are doing an alright job. They are on the 5th place with 20points , 4 points behind the leaders Clinceni. Their record is also an alright one 6W-2D-2L ( 18-11) . Away from home they managed to have till now a record of 3W-1D-1L (6-4) . I don’t know too many things about them but I’ve seen some matches and they are trying to play at a fast pace with passes from one or two passes. The team is without any injury and is meaning that their main player Cherchez ( an attacking midfielder with 8 games and 7 goals) will be on the field .

I like the fact that they were so close last year to get the promotion because I want to believe that they are super motivated this year to promote although there are like 5 other teams that have the same objective!
On the other side, Poli Timisoara is a team with big financial problems .They stayed in Liga 1 for a couple of seasons but now they are in Liga 2 on 19th place and since August they are in insolvency which means that the club can’t afford to make any more debts and more important it means that the players are not paid up to date. The money problem is an important factor and I guess it is seen their results. Their record is 1W-2D-7L (10-22) and at home their record is 0W-2D-2L (4-8) . The thing that surprised me is that they still have Cosmin Birnoi ( a 21 midfielder that was pretty good last year in Liga 1 ). They are surely candidates to battle for relegation if they will manage to finish the season .
The weather at Timisoara (23 C° sunny) is also an important thing because, as I said, Chindia is playing a fast football. So the forecast will be nothing but great for Chindia!
The only thing that I don’t like about Chindia right now is the fact that they didn’t managed to win pretty clearly away from home at Braila (20th place, Chindia won only with 1-0) , Bacau (18th place, Chindia won with 2-0), Balotesti (17th place, Chindia won with 2-0), Daco Getica (11th place, Chindia draw only 2-2) . Sure, 3 cleansheets away from home are not easy to obtain but I feel like they should have done a little bit more against this teams .

All things being said the key aspects are:

– Chindia has in the last 3 years very good results and this year they are again in a high position
– Chindia will fight for promotion
– Chindia’s style of play is a fast one that can cause a lot of damage
– Chindia has some confidence away from home since their record is 3-1-1
– Poli Timisoara has financial problems
– Poli Timisoara is 19th in the league

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