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Rennes vs Bordeaux

Rennes suffered an expected loss to PSG in the last round of Ligue 1 with a 3:0 result, playing away from home.
They had their chances in this one, but quality, especially in the offensive line, was more than obvious. After a huge mistake of their defense, they conceded in the 11th minute over Kean, a setback that surely left some consequences as the match progressed.
They had no solutions for the magnificent Di Maria, who showed some great individual skills, as he was effective two more times in the 21st and the 73rd minute and sealed the visitor’s fate in this clash, while the guests did have some decent offensive moves throughout the game, but with no change.

Rennes is positioned in 3rd place in the rankings and despite this defeat, is looking quite good this season, being more than capable to be competitive against almost every opponent in Ligue 1.

Midfielder Camavinga (8/1) is doubtful, while injured are left-back Maouassa (4/0), central back Rugani (1/0) and midfielder Martin (7/0).

Bordeaux is coming to this clash after their second consecutive defeat in the Ligue 1, last time against Montpellier at home with 2:0.

This clash couldn’t be characterized as a dynamic one, as both teams opted for a more defensive approach, and waited for their chances. The second part is where all the goal-scoring action occurred, as the visitors coped better with the ball to their feet.

They were effective two times, in the 49th and the 66th minute, while the hosts were simply too passive for something more concrete in this match.

Bordeaux is at 12th place on the table, having twelve points out of ten matches played so far.

Central defender Pablo (7/0) is suspended, while injured are offensive midfielder Kalu (6/2) and defender Mexer (no performance so far).
Perfect timing for a positive result

Even though they suffered a defeat in the last round against a far superior opponent, Rennes is entering this clash well motivated. In the case of a three-pointer they have a chance to take that 2nd place in the rankings, and I am quite sure that they will put their maximum effort into reaching that goal.

Even though they are again caught up in a busy schedule with the Champions League just behind the doors, Bordeaux is visibly sliding down with their performances and isn’t looking like a team being able to threaten a lot. Now is the perfect chance for the hosts to take advantage of the visitor’s form, and record another victory, to revert the momentum in Ligue 1.

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