Stoke City vs Huddersfield

Stoke are really playing bad, after losing at Old Trafford against Manchester United 3:0 now they will host Huddersfield at home. Huddersfield are coming off a big defeat to West Ham conceding 4 goals in a 1:4 home loss to Hammers. Huddersfield received only 1 yellow card in that 1:4 trashing with only Smith getting in the ref’s notepad. They were way too soft against West Ham and that costed them, a lot.
Now they will meet Stoke that lost last 4 games and also are not getting too many bookings, both of these teams should up their aggression in this game. Both Stoke and Huddersfield are in bad positions and coming off big defeats. Stoke must play sharper and show some passion at long last. Line for Huddersfield is too high and hosts are only set on 2 bookings for big odds, more than possible in this poor situation and losing streak. Tensions are high and supporters will expect more from Stoke.

Bet : Stoke over 1,5 yellow cards

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