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Tottenham vs Leeds

I guess all the money train today involves Tottenham. We either celebrate together or bookies can laugh at us once again. Anyway, we all know who Conte is, even bookies as we can see from the odds. He is known to push his players over the limit, yeah it will burn them over a longer period of time but immediate success has always walked with him.
Tottenham did not record a single shot on target against Everton and that would be Conte’s first problem that needs to be fixed. It is time for the players to prove their worthiness and I am sure everyone who was not a starter with Nuno is keen to show what they are capable of to the new manager.

We know how Leeds plays, their games are never boring and it would be a great match to watch on Sunday evening. Leeds is still without Bamford, Ayling, and Koch will be on the missing list also. The team has a so-called second season syndrome and Bielsa needs to figure that out cause Leeds got a lot of new supporters last season.

It will be no easy game for Tottenham. Kane and Son are hungry for the goals and Leeds’s defense is average at the best. I will expect it to be a close game but I believe Conte will get his first home victory.

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