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Tunisia vs Mali

Tunisia didn’t get all the three points they wanted against Angola in a 1:1 draw, but must be said that they didn’t deserve it anyway.
At least, not in a style they played. Not a lot of creativity was seen from their end, while the only goal came via a penalty kick in the 34th minute via Msakni, while they were quite defensive in the second part.
Maybe even too defensive, not being able to avoid tempo brought up by Angolan team towards the end when they conceded the goal too.
Mali showed a lot of different things in the attack in the first round and definitely deserved 4:1 win over Mauritania.

Their composure was at a very good level, however, the team does allow space at the back – not much, but still more than they should.
Or better to say, there’s some quality gap between their defense and the rest of the team – in favor of the offensive part.
Looking at the roster and the footballing reputation of both nations, of course, that Tunisia has it’s own chances here but… From what we’ve seen in the first round, it will be very difficult for them.
Mali moves the ball better – they have a better transition. But in my eyes, not only that, they are more versatile in their gameplay and have more ways to threaten the opponent.
Unluckily for them, their defensive lineup is not the brightest part of the team and their set-piece defending isn’t the greatest possible – just where the Tunisians are strong.
Neither of the teams is expected to change much, with Tunisians continuing to be lead by Khazri and Sliti in the offense, while Marega continues to be the offensive leader for Mali.
That’s the only reason why my first betting pick will be over goals with Mali, instead, their’s victory maybe even combined with over goals.
Since they have won the first round’s game, Mali can wait a bit here. It’s exactly where they can be very dangerous – from the transition fastly moving towards the opponent’s goal.

Tvmoca propose : Over 2.5 goals

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