Schotz vs Lugano

Lugano in this moment last on the table in Swiss first league but they are doing solid in Europe league group stage, where they have 1-0-2 score with 4:5 goal aggregate and in this moment they are 2nd ranked – this week there is no Europe league matches so they can focus on this cup match and next league match vs Luzern on 29.10 which is very important.
Like i already said they are last this season and dont perform really well but between them and Shotz there is HUGE quality difference. Schotz is team coming from 1. Liga Classic (group 2) its 4th ranked league by quality in Switzerland. In first two rounds they managed to go though Hergiswil (1:3) and Interstar Geneve 2:2 (decided on penalties) but you cant even find enough informations about this teams. Lugano on the other side in 1/32 finals won vs Bassecourt 0:6 – just for informations they are in same league with Schotz and probably same quality and then in next round weak performance and win vs Konitz 0:1 with late goal but atleast they are in league quality higher than Schotz.

I dont know lineups or something like that, but even with whole II team Lugano remain huge favourite here and should bring easy win here, it will be nice training match before their league match vs Luzern this weekend.

Lugano to WIN

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