Young Boys vs Dynamo Kiev

Switzerland seems to be a hot place today.Dinamo Kiev are coming for revenge and only for revenge.On the other side, Boys are fully motivated to pass the group.
Young Boys are making a great season so far, leading the Swiss championship, furthermore with 7 points ahead recent colossus Basel.Boys made a fantastic squad during the summer break, which has the potential to be the newest champion of the country.Ahead with the championship, Young Boys also managed to play in Europe in a group with recent rivals Dinamo Kiev.Last year Young Boys managed to eliminate Schakhtar Donetsk form the Champions League and this year they managed to eliminate Dinamo Kiev.Youns Boys seem to be a the a real threat to the Ukrainian hegemons.

Two weeks ago, Dinamo entered the game in a really aggressive manner, they took the lead but and then Boys came with a fantastic comeback but due to individual mistakes, the game ended in a draw.This brought too much negative feelings to the fans and no doubt Kiev will try to attack once again.While Kiev are too safe at the first place, Boys need to win here as Partizan is facing albanian rivals where the match will be more than football – political, demographical, historical and economic reasons will be involved in this dangerous and tense game.

Over 2.5 Goals

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