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Europa League : Braga vs Fenerbahce

Braga must recover in order to have any chance in front of Fenerbahce, which was imposed in the tour 1-0 (Mehmet Topal 32). Portuguese band lost no score in the last two games and has only one win, 3-1 at home with FC Porto in last 7 games in all competitions, series began with 4 draws. However, on its own arena is doing very well: never give in 11 games, with 3 draws and 8 triumphs and a 0-2 defeat by Benfica is the only of the 20 visits received throughout the season. Is another advantage of the offensive duo Hassan and Stojilkovici, who signed together 24 successful throughout the season, a third of those of their team.
Fenerbahce is unbeatable 10 parties, regardless of race (3 draws, seven successes, past 5 consecutive 4 to zero), and has lost only once in their previous 36 games, scored 6 constant. Antalya is the last 2-4 defeat suffered, while the third received the go throughout the season.

The failure of the tour was the second of Braga in Europa League in August of the current dispute. At home, however, it is invincible, with 3 wins and a draw, always with the goal given. Arrived in the Champions League, where he was eliminated by Shakhtar Fener was not at all inclined in 5 shifts (two triumphs, three draws) in the Europa League, nemarcând once. Both rivals often fall after the break, the hosts with 63 percent of successful visitors – 66.6 percent.

Three times he received Braga formations in Turkey, with one win and two failures. In turn, Fenerbahce has been four times in Portugal, from where he returned with three defeats and a success. Now is a dispute between two Portuguese coaches, Paulo Fonseca, respectively Vitor Pereira, the last three triumphs before having to zero in direct duels.

Two injured were hosts on Rui Fonte Crislan and which would lead to Eduardo Wilson’s tenure. Ricardo Ferreira is uncertain. The band does not have major problems in Istanbul lot.

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