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Europa League : Lazio – Sparta Praga

Lazio wins hard but fails and harder. Romanians are undefeated for 3 games, two draws, one tour in Prague, 1-1 (13 Frydek – Parolo 38), and a victory, nay lost only once in the last 9 matches, plus two wins and 5 draws. They have big problems at home: have won in the previous game on “Olimpico” 2-0 with Atalanta, but still there suffered previous four defeats in all competitions. Moreover, they scored only half the previous eight visits received.
All three disputes invincible (one draw, two successes) and Sparta Prague tied since the last failure, Liberec 1-2, while only one in 13 previous meetings, regardless of race. Ranked second in the Czech Republic has received four previous defeats foreign land only where but was not inclined than once in the last 6 trips.

Removed from play-off- League Leverkusen, Lazio did not give at all in the 9 matches played in the current Europa League, with 4 draws, all 1-1, and 5 triumphs, during which time he scored again, but he also took naked 8 of these clashes. In total, he won all 5 matches in the continental line of home. In turn, eliminated from the League for CSKA Moscow, Sparta wasted no time passes in EL, making 5 draws and 6 successes: a given goal in all, it took four of them.

Five times they have faced two teams. Lazialii lead with two wins, two draws and one defeat, at home making a triumph and a draw. Czech Sparta is the only group that clashed. Instead, praghezii have been to Italy 11 times without winning: 3 draws, 8 failures. In this edition, both scored more often after the break.

De Vrij absent sure the hosts. Stefan Radu have medical problems, Basta, Konko and Bisevac. Opponents do not worry outstanding on staff.

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