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Bolivia vs Peru

Bolivians have obvious problems with their appearances during the qualifiers as they are currently suffering from a three-matches losing streak, and are currently second from the bottom, having only six points collected in the campaign.
Their chances for further progress are only a theoretical domain, but nevertheless, probably they will do their best to at least appear more competitive in the upcoming encounter, even though real chances are absent now.
The hosts miss defenders Bejarano (33/3, Bolivar), Flores (16/0, Always Ready), Ribera (13/0, Blooming), midfielders Saavedra (33/4, Bolivar), Chumacero (47/2, Union Espanyola), Wayar (23/0,The Strongest), Bejarano (30/0, Lamia), and forwards Alvarez (30/5, Jorge Wilstermann), Arce (80/12, Always Ready) and Ramallo (25/3, Always Ready) compared to previous call-ups.
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