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Hungary vs Portugal

Appearing for the second consecutive time in the European Championship, the Hungarians have already accomplished a feat that is difficult to reach.
They are in for quite a challenge at the beginning, as they will play their opening match against the Portuguese, a nation that they failed to beat in all of their previous attempts.
Despite being considered as serious underdogs, their recent form is promising, as they are enjoying an eleven matches positive run in all competitions, and having a home-field advantage in this will give them a push in the back against much favored Iberians.
The hosts will miss defender Hangya (10/0, Fehervar), important midfielder Szoboszlai (12/3, RB Leipzig), another midfielder Kalmar (27/2, DAC Streda), and forward Gyurcso (20/3, Osijek) compared to previous call-ups.
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Hungary vs Poland

Hungarians left the impression of quite a dangerous nation last time they were called-up, as they managed to take the first spot in the group shared with Serbia, Turkey, and Russia during the UEFA Nations League competition.
Their road to the World Cup in 2022 is a bit more difficult, as they are drawn in the group with England, Poland, Albania, San Marino, and Andorra, but never the less, with their distinctive offensive approach, they should be able to cause problems even in matches when their victory is questionable, usually not defending and trying to score a goal more.
The Hungarians will miss defender Bese (23/0, Leuven), Korhut (21/1, Debrecen), midfielder Szoboszlai (12/3, Leipzig) and forward Gyurcso (20/3, Osijek) compared to previous invitations.
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