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Inter Milan vs Sassuolo

Inter continues with their good performances in Serie A, deservedly being at the leading spot on the table, having eight points more than their biggest rivals Milan.
In their last match on the road to Bologna, a team from Milano did just what it took for them to record a narrow 0:1 victory, and justified the role of a strong favorite.
Lukaku brought his team the lead in the 32nd minute when he found himself in the right place at the right time to catch a rebound, while the hosts simply lacked more creativity to do something more in this clash, even though they had the possession.
Midfielder Vidal (23/1) is out injured, while forward Perisic (25/2) is unlikely to play as well due to a muscle problem. Midfielder Brozovic (25/1) is suspended, as well as central-back Bastoni (25/0).
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Inter Milan vs Atalanta

A team from Milan did their job in the last round on the road to Parma when they recorded an expected victory with a 1:2 result.
They had the initiative from the very start, but only in the second part, they managed to break through the opponent’s defense, scoring two in the 54th and the 62nd over Sanchez, allowing hosts to spice it up a bit with a goal in the 72nd, but not letting any major surprises to occur in this clash.
Inter deservedly holds the leading spot in Serie A, having three points more than their closest AC Milan and a game less played.
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Juventus vs Inter Milan

Juventus has every reason to approach this second leg with confidence, as they were victorious in the first with a 2:1 result, and come from a 2:0 victory at home in their last Serie A match against Roma.
They took the lead first in the 13th minute after Ronaldo showed some great effort and even though Juventus looked pretty passive when the match moved to the second, they still managed to put one more to the scoreline in the 69th, as Ibanez had a misfortune to score an own goal.
A team from Turin is at 3rd place in the rankings, having seven points less compared to the leaders from Milan, but overly looking, stabilized their play in the second part of the season.
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Inter Milan vs AC Milan

Inter failed to meet the expectations in the last round of Serie A when they came with a 0:0 draw against underdogs from Udinese, playing as a visiting team.
The guests started the match more aggressively, looking far closer to taking the lead, but lack of concentration at the finishing prevented them from doing so. There is not much to say about the second part, as both sides appeared pretty passive, so a goalless match didn’t come as a great surprise after everything we’ve seen, to be honest.
Inter is currently in 2nd place in the general rankings, having only two points less than leaders from Milan.
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