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Southampton vs Liverpool

Southampton made a minor setback in the last round at home against West Ham when they come with a 0:0 draw, despite being a slightly favored side.
They mostly had the ball to their feet in this clash but were simply too uncreative in the offensive line to be more dangerous in this encounter. The same things about the offense can be said for the visiting side, so a match without goals didn’t come as a great surprise.
Southampton is currently at 9th place on the table, competitive, at least for now, for European exit places, as they are only three points in deficit compared to Everton.
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Everton vs West Ham

Everton did just enough to record a close 0:1 away victory in the last match against Sheffield United, continuing their impressive four matches winning streak.
They had the initiative during the first part but lacked ideas how to be more concrete in the attack. The hosts looked pretty absent in the continuation of the match, so the visitors had plenty of time to organize attack that will result in them taking the lead. They managed to do so in the 80th minute after a great team’s effort, as they scored over Sigurdsson, and took all three in this encounter.
Everton is at 4th place in the overall standings, looking quite impressive this season, lacking only three points compared to leaders from Liverpool.
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Everton vs Manchester City

Everton did just enough in their latest clash against Sheffield Utd when they recorded a victory with a minimal result, playing away from home.
They had the initiative in the first part but lacked more concentration at the finishing, as they missed a couple of decent opportunities, but even though they appeared slightly passive in the second, the visitors did manage to add one to the scoreline in the 80th over Sigurdsson and secure their victory.
Everton is in great shape this season in the Premier League, currently being at 2nd place in the standings, lacking only two points for leaders from Liverpool.
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