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Everton vs Tottenham

Everton couldn’t do much more in their last match on the road against Brighton when they had a 0:0 draw, appearing quite passive during the whole encounter.
Simply said, they looked uninterested in the offense, not being able to create more than a couple of opportunities worth mentioning, while the home side didn’t look creative in the front as well, so a match without goals wasn’t that surprising.
Everton is at 8th spot in the standings, having six points less than European-placed Chelsea, so their more aggressive approach is to be expected.
The hosts will miss injured central-back Mina (21/2), defensive Delph (5/0), midfielder Doucoure (25/2), and forward Bernard (9/1). Forward Calvert-Lewin (26/14) is doubtful, as well as midfielder Gomes (23/0) and defensive midfielder Allan (16/0).
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Tottenham vs Brentford

Tottenham is coming to this EFL Cup semi-finals after they routinely defeated Leeds last time out at home, outplaying them with a 3:0 result.
The hosts had the ball possession disadvantage but performed quite well via counters successfully taking the double lead from the penalty executed by Kane in the 29th and over Son Heung-Min later on during the first part.
A similar play was seen in the continuation, as the home side added one more to the scoreline in the 50th over Alderweireld while being able to keep their sheet clean for the rest of the clash.
Tottenham needed this victory to boost their morale, as they were on a four matches winless streak in the Premier League, currently occupying 4th place in the overall standings.
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