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United Arab Emirates vs Thailand

With a jubilant 4-0 victory over Malaysia, the UAE has risen to second place in Group G, 2 points behind Vietnam. Meanwhile, Thailand had a disappointing 2-2 draw against Indonesia and couldn’t think of taking the top spot.
In this round, Vietnam is likely to have 3 points against Indonesia, so only the winning team in this match can maintain hope to compete for the first place. The psychological advantage and the home field factor in favor of the UAE can win 3 points. The strong victory over Malaysia plus Thailand’s decline because of the loss of important pillars are also the basis for believing that the host will win this match.
In the first leg, the UAE received a 1-2 defeat in Thailand. It was a match where the assassin Al Mabkhout scored, but the West Asian representative was still empty-handed. In the group stage of the 2019 Asian Cup at home, the UAE only had a 1-1 score against War Elephants.
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